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May 1, 2009

Political Hatred Getting Disgraceful

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Over quite a few years I have observed the growth of a phenomena that I can only define as “political hatred.”  I suppose it began with the birth of politics and has been a part of our entire history as a nation, but during my adult years I have seen it spread like a contagious disease…and that’s really what I think it is.

I remember when folks criticized President Harry Truman; everybody liked Ike; Kennedy and Ford too mostly; but where I began to notice real hatred was with Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.  They were mercilessly publicly detested in a way that seemed more spiteful than ever.  Jimmy Carter did not suffer as much outright hatred, though he was roundly criticized and often ridiculed. Ronald Reagan was very popular but a small vocal group seemed to really hate him even more than the others. Bush 41, a true gentleman, got off light compared to the others.

Then the hatred began to really accelerate.  Bill Clinton was not a good moral example and the combination of his personal failures and some of his politics apparently caused things to degenerate into a bitterness I had never before seen in US politics. And it was contagious. Bush 43 came along and was hated even more, perhaps mostly due to the war (as was Johnson) but his denigrators’ speech and actions seemed to get even more vitriolic.

Now a man, Barack Obama, who wanted to govern differently and achieve consensus according to his book and political campaign statements, is the recipient of an incredible amount of virulent acrimony…it seems to me even more than ever before.

Certainly folks have a right to criticize the president in a free country, but at this moment we are facing a greater number of interacting crises than perhaps ever before in the history of the nation.  There are times when criticism is very useful, especially when it is positively based.  And there are times when inimical criticism is uncalled for and can become dangerous to the entire country.

I think that now is not the time to foment political hatred of the president, yet I see many persons doing just that.

This president has more weight on his shoulders than any president since Abraham Lincoln.  He will do things that  some of us disagree with.  He will make mistakes as all before him have.

But with the United States of America in perhaps the most perilous position since the revolution, faced by external and internal violent terrorists, an axis of evil nuclear ambitious despots, an impending second great depression, a potential life threatening pandemic, a declining moral culture, increasing crime and corruption, global climatic change, burgeoning environmental and moral pollution, a diarrhea of public spending that has created deficits measured in digits too large to comprehend, and many other crises, I think we should all calm down and either support the president or at least avoid the disgracefulness of a public loathing that in the eyes of the world will disgrace and damage our own country while severely weakening its financial, moral and physical security.

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