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October 11, 2009

Political Hatred – Good News?

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I and many others have been thinking and writing recently about the growing political hatred being expressed in the US and the world.

Well maybe I have some good news…political hatred has been with us forever.  Maybe it is not really growing after all.

Why do I say this?  I just read the book Triumvirate, The story of the Unlikely Alliance that saved the Constitution and the Nation by Bruce Chadwick. It refreshed and added to my memory about the kind of political hatred that was going around as the United States was been founded.  It was tough.

Not only was  hatred spewed between the loyalists (to Britain) and the breakaway colonists, but once separation began the new Americans themselves fought verbally and in writing just about the same as our politicians do today.

During the period of the ratification by the states of the new constitution, that document, today so revered, was covered with everything from hate to lies to exaggerations.  And so were its supporters and opponents.  The haters on both sides were the heroes of the American Revolution and the men we today call our founding fathers.  No one, not even George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, were exempted from being objects of hatred.  Patrick Henry and George Mason were among the greatest opponents of the constitution. Many opponents said that if ratified civil war would be the result. Many supporters said that if not ratified the same would happen.

It is hard to believe but all the folks we admire today were involved in the same kind of political hatred that we abhor today.

I guess that’s good news in a way.  We aren’t getting any worse.

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