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June 4, 2009

What killed George Washington may kill the country he fathered

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I was thinking about the father of our country and the present rec/depr/ession.  George Washington apparently had pneumonia but what killed this tall, strong leader was “bleeding,” a common remedy relied upon for centuries by well meaning but  misguided doctors.  He bled to death!I can't believe it!

"I can't believe it!"


The same thing is happening to the USA.  It is bleeding to death…green blood. Unchecked and unprincipled spending prescribed and voted by our well intentioned but misguided “doctor” legislators from both parties over the past six decades has resulted in a steadily weakening patient.

The prescription for green bleeding came soon after World War II and it continued to be represcribed every year by Congress, often at the proposal of our Presidents. And just as in the cases of prescriptions for red bleeding decades ago, as the patient got weaker, more green bleeding was prescribed.  

How many patients died from red bleeding over the centuries before medical practitioners realized it was killing folks?

How much longer will our green bled patient-country be able to survive?

With a debt of about $566,668.00 per household, far more than the average home mortgage, can the red, white and blue patient stay alive.  Is there hope that our Uncle Sam might recover?

Not if we keep up the green bleeding.  Let’s stop it!

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